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On 20-08-2022
Denise Beffort said:
Dear Madam,dear Sir, my brother owned an Austin A40 Somerset, apparently the only one on Luxembourg's roads.Since he passed away on 23rd June this year his widow Arlette Beffort-Kühn ,,would like to sell her husband's cherished jewel. Could you please indicate her the approximate value? I thank you very much for your help. Kind regards Denise Beffort

Email/Contact phone no: - 01273 901496
On 09-08-2022
Alan Deakins said:
Austin A40 Somerset 1954. In family since new. Currently stored in dry garage, currently on blocks.

Email/Contact phone no: 01757 618467
On 04-08-2022
R H Hudson said:
Wanted front wings for a 40 devon or complete fibreglass front end for same Thankyou

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On 02-08-2022
Alexander Frechen said:
Hello everybody, I have an Austin 6 cylinder petrol engine with 4 speed gearbox, alternator and starter as well as a carburetor. I also have some side windows. The motor appears to be stuck and no attempt has been made to get it running. I can send some pictures upon request. If you are interested, just let me know. The items are in Germany. Kindest regards

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On 26-07-2022
Dave Allam said:
I am a former member of the club my vehicle details are Austin A40 Devon Reg 912 YUF. I have recently been made disabled and can no longer make use of my vehicle I was enquiring if any members would be interested in purchasing this vehicle as it has sat at the roadside for almost a year and only been driveb twice. It is in restorable driving condition having much spent on it I.E. New brakes,cylinders,master cylinder.etc. New Dynamo,starter,regulator,battery. Unfortunately it has not an original interior but has the items to finish including a bran

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On 23-07-2022
Chris Baxter said:
For Sale Job Lot £50.00 2 x 600-16 6ply 95P Tube Type T/T Classic Road master tyres in good condition, tyre age 4817 (Oct 2017) no cracking, tyre tread depth = 6.2mm Also 4 x 600-16 inner tubes

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On 22-07-2022
Lynn Jones said:
How much would an Austin Devon or Austin Dorset sell for please?

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On 16-07-2022
Michael Kerr said:
I have a 1939 austin 12, fully restored for sale and was wondering if this would be of any interest to anyone. Many thanks

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On 09-07-2022
mr roger tuck said:
Hello again, I am after some information. It appears that I have a replacement gold seal engine in my Somerset. I'm assuming it is the 1275cc version, the code is 8G 206. The information I require is (a) the correct spark plugs, (b) plug leads, (c)distributor information and (d) the correct oil filter. Thanks

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On 03-07-2022
mr roger tuck said:
Hello, I am looking for the rubber boot seal for my A40 Somerset. Longbridge do not stock them. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can bet one. Thanks, and thanks to Simon Bryant for his help with my fuel tank gasket

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