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On 29-07-2019
Andrew heath said:
I am looking for an Austin A40 Devon pick up petrol tank, I believe all the devon tanks are the same and possibly the somerset also. I am happy to pay the postage or collect depending on location, I just need a good solid tank with no leaks please . 07950916070

Email/Contact phone no: 01757 618467
On 29-07-2019
R H Hudson said:
Wanted front end for Devon a 40 wings lower grill etc anything considered Thankyou

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On 28-07-2019
hugh david john said:
hi i have austin 10 and 7 spares for sale engines,rads rust free body panels,seats,clocks,fuel tanks and lots more can send pics if interested thanks hugh

Email/Contact phone no: 01295 275516
On 17-07-2019
Alan baylis said:
FOR SALE. I have an Austin 10 GSI type (obtained in error for items for earlier 10) 1125 cc engine no. IG455701. ( incl.valves,flywheel,distributor etc). No head. Pistons +40 smooth bores,turns freely. Looks very well kept. Wish it fitted, seems in excellent condition. I am in north Oxfordshire. Thank you for opportunity to use this site.

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On 15-07-2019
david wilkinson said:
Selection of Hepolite Piston Sets for sale. 1930s to 40s only. Austin 8 HP 10 Hp all new old stock in original boxes. Please email for list. Thanks David

Email/Contact phone no: 01386 831156 Evesham.
On 14-07-2019
Arthur said:
Austin Devon 1958 van parts forsale everything is in need of a rebuild engine gearbox back axle prop sharft 4 wheels. Also two front seats. Byers must collect.

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On 06-07-2019
John Instrell said:
I have parts for an A40 somerset which I do not have room to store any more, I am willing to let them go for free as long as they will help people keep there cars on the road. I have a back axle , leaf springs, steering box, gear box, prop shaft, bonnet, front wings (bit rusty), windscreen and a few other bits I will find when tiding up. I would like everything to go together as l don't have the space to store it

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On 05-07-2019
huw david john said:
hi have large amount of austin 10/4 cambridge sliding roof 1937 parts for sale. lots of good body panels,interior,clocks etc.

Email/Contact phone no: 07745376715
On 28-06-2019
Dave Lowe said:
AUSTIN DORSET 1949 the only one for sale in the UK, out of four standard ones left here, just one new one has surfaced in over 35 years, its on Ebay at the moment, auction finishes 7th July 8pm if you want one its your last chance !

Email/Contact phone no: 07968770557
On 21-06-2019
Chris Williams club member said:
looking for a 40 sport seats, window drop glass and channel and a hood condition not important many thanks have a spare gearbox, king pins and front and rear wings many thank.

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