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On 06-12-2023
Lars Hangaas in Denmark said:
I am a member of the club and have an Austin Devon 1952 model. I am now looking for an Austin 101 Van or Morris J/JB. Does anyone know of a car for sale? It must preferably be a renovation project, but there must be papers/documents on the car ! Contact me by email if you know of anyone who has such a car parked in a secluded barn or garage, sitting there gathering dust

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On 01-12-2023
After more than three decades I have to sell my 1957 Vanden Plas DS7 Princess due to my growing age and health difficulties. It is a pleasant driver, registered in NSW Australia, and comes with three mobile racks of parts that I was able to salvage from a donor car from the same series. Rather than write on, I have prepared an eleven-page photographic brochure in Adobe .pdf format, complete with a detailed description, manufacturer's certificate, and actual vehicle identification. I can be contacted by e-mail at: Peter

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On 19-11-2023
James said:
Wanted A40 Devon parts, im looking for interior parts door cards floor mats, rear arm rests a rear seat prefer with centre arm rest but will cinsider anything. Also looking for a front engine plate and timing cover.

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On 12-11-2023
george Jackson said:
For sale Austin A40 sports & early A40 Devon parts, all removed from donor vehicles, too many to list please contact with your requirements.

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On 08-11-2023
John Hicks said:
Looking for an early A40 Somerset preferably in black that is road worthy & ready to use.

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On 04-10-2023
Tony said:
WANTED A90 Atlantic 2.6ltr 4 cylinder engine in any condition for 1953 Special which uses some parts from a A70/A90. Also A70 and A90 Atlantic rear axle, rear brakes and wheels. Thank you. Tony

Email/Contact phone no: 07976764577
On 20-09-2023
Martin said:
I`m after a pair of trafficator housings / boxes for a 1952 devon pickup.Thats the housing that the trafficator is screwed into, that is then fitted inside the cab. Regards Martin.

Email/Contact phone no: 07796517062
On 11-09-2023
david watts said:
for sale austin a70 hampshire

Email/Contact phone no: 01757 618467
On 01-09-2023
R H Hudson said:
Austin Devon GS3 1952 complete and running but shabby could do with new front wings but rest of car solid various spares Also 1954 GS4 somerset stripped for painting v solid body all glass and interior with the car fitted with marina engine and floor change box both with current V5c £1000 the pair or sell on their own Offers swaps why or trade for A70 Hampshire

Email/Contact phone no: 07368255291.
On 29-08-2023
Michelle Johnson said:
WANTED. A40 Somerset 1952 interior, headliner, door seals, door cards in champagne. Two front seats (wooden bases) or bench seat and rear seat in either red or champagne in reasonably good condition please. Please contact Michelle Johnson on 07368255291 or email

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