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Paul, I had the same problem when I bought my A40 just before lockdown. If you look at the way the gear change lever connects to the gearbox you will see that there are 2 aspects to how it works.

The up and down movement of the lever works all the links that you see under the bonnet while the back and forward movement works a push and pull cable a bit like a very thick Bowden cable that curls under the gearbox and connects to a lever there. I think you should look at this area first. Under the gearbox you should see a couple of lock nuts that hold the cable outer tube. The thick cable passes through them. You need to adjust these nuts so when you operate the lever it pulls the cable through a bit more. After doing this you may find that you end up with reverse, 1st and 2nd but lose 3rd and 4th. This just means that you have overdone it and you need to slacken it back a bit.

You can also make this same adjustment by slackening of the clamp that holds the end of the cable and pulling it through with pliers then re clamping it. Again, if you pull it too far you might  lose 3&4.