As members will be aware, our longstanding and highly experienced Spares Secretary, Ray Dawes sadly and unexpectedly died on 15th October 2021.

Ray was intending to retire in 2022 after 30 years of loyal, completely voluntary and unpaid service to the club. The Directors of the club were already looking at options for providing a continuing stable supply of spares to club members, knowing that we would not find anyone who would be able to provide the outstanding service that Ray has over the decades.

The Directors are continuing to consider all options for our future spares supply and, in the light of Ray’s death, assess and resolve all outstanding issues with the club’s finances.

To allow us to do so with the appropriate degree of due diligence, we are suspending the Spares Service until at least 31st December 2021 after which we hope to make announcements on future spares supply. Please do not place any new orders via the Spares Service email address or use Ray’s mobile number as we will not be able to respond.

Important – Unfulfilled Orders

If you have ordered spares and your order has not been fulfilled, we will be endeavouring to provide either what you have ordered, or a full refund if that isn’t possible. Please email the Chairman, Mark Yeomans, if you are affected by the current situation.

Mark will need details of your problem and copies of supporting paperwork such as emails and invoices.  If payment has already been made, he will need to know the date and payment method such as bank transfer, credit card, cheque or cash.

Mark’s email address is in County Counsel.