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On 17-08-2018
Gayle Campbell said:
Hi I'm looking for steering wheel and front grill for A40 Somerset.

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On 15-08-2018
Andrew Heath said:
I have for sale a pair of new pedal rubbers for an Austin A30 and A35, I purchased them by mistake when I needed a pair for my A40 devon, they are both brand new as original ( circular) I can supply a photo of required, priced at what I paid for them £15 the pair incl postage

Email/Contact phone no: 01202801195
On 13-08-2018
Peter Martin said:
I have a copy of Wheels Round The World by Alan Hess Good condition considering its age but the paper sleeve is abit torn. Also acopy of Crazy journey by Alan Hess signed by him God condition but outer cover a bit marked. Any sensible offers ? Peter Martin ex counties member.

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On 08-08-2018
Norman Barnes said:
I have an Austin 'A 40' Models Running and Maintenance Instructions Manual in good condition. The printed date on it is January 1952. It is on eBay at the moment here. If someone can make good use of it I'll happily supply FOC for postage cost. Contact me if needed.

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On 08-08-2018
Chevington Garage said:
Many thanks for all your help in finding between you all, a radiator and surround for the 1951 A40 Sports we're restoring for a club member. If anyone has an over-rider for this vehicle to make up a set, we urge you to make contact with us. The car is a GD2 floor change example and has the larger 3.75" approx radius where the over-rider fits against the Bumper. The smaller one is much smaller than this! We look forward to hearing from you as always. Thanks in advance for your time.

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On 06-08-2018

Email/Contact phone no: 07445546656
On 05-08-2018
Eugene said:
Hi I have Austin A40 Devon front wing , all the rust has been cut off and replaced with new metal, it’s primed I also have front and rear doors with usual bottom of the door issues, if interested let me know, price for front full wing is £150 and price for front door is £150 and the rear door is £100, I also have few traficators job lol I believe 4 or 5 in total £120

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On 03-08-2018
Les Wateridge said:
1951 GS3 A40 Devon. Two owner car in black present owner for 40 plus years. Body restored 20 plus years ago. Still sound but a bit scruffy now. Starts and runs ok but been stood in a dry garage for a while so would need going over before venturing out. Any reasonable offer considered. 01256 862387/07814352320

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On 02-08-2018
maggie said:
WANTED Does anyone have a manual for an A40 van? mine is 1949 but an earlier or later one would help greatly! If you'd be willing to lend one to be photo-copied or I'd be happy to buy -any help much appreciated. This van is missing a lot of vital bits (currently in a local garage being restored) I live in Uckfield East Sussex -if there's anyone reasonably local with a van that I could look at and perhaps take photos, please get in touch :)

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On 11-07-2018
Alan Jackson said:
I think I may have a complete Austin Somerset front suspension with a few steering arms and things. I am in Bournemouth. I thought it was from an A50 or similar per-Farina but it is not and the consensus is that it is from a Somerset. I have photos so if you are interested get in touch - no reasonable offer refused

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