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On 23-09-2018
Leonard Kowalyshen said:
I am wondering if anyone knows where I could get replacement side slider window seals, for a Austin A40 Countryman 1952 windowed van/ wagon, I am restoring this car and really need to replace these window seals. Also looking for a rubber Trans/gearbox tunnel cover boot with shift pattern ,like all Austin A40s had from 1950-52 Devons really would like some help with this issue on the slider side windows seals, I live in Canada so this car is a rare one, Also need a drivers front seat complete , any shape.

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On 13-09-2018
alex Donaldson said: Austin A90 Atlantic listed on eBay, open for bidding. Thanks

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On 09-09-2018
Alexander Donaldson said:
Austin Atlantic for sale.

Email/Contact phone no: 01132520984
On 06-09-2018
Stuart Marshall said:
Have for sale Austin Devon complete facttory refurbished gold seal engine a gearbox completely as new and unused dry stored andl lovely condition ring for details and will send pictures 1200cc also possibly good diff not sure if for Devon van

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On 01-09-2018
Barry G Borum said:
I just purchased a 1949 Austin A90 Atlantic convertible and the intake was modified to accept a zenith carburetor. I would like to restore it back to original and need a complete intake with SU's, linkages, and air filter assembly. Please email me what you have with pictures and price. Thanks

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On 24-08-2018
Stuart Dunn said:
Wanted to finish Austin A40 Sports Door opening mechanism, both doors. Thank you very much in anticipation 07952654923

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On 24-08-2018
John A Cousins said:
Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a set of selector forks springs for a Somerset?

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On 24-08-2018
Renilde Vanlinthout said:
Goodday, I am searching for a water pump for my oldtimer car. The car is an Austin 16 from 1948. Could someone give me place where is can get such a device? You can contact me via E-mail. Thanks in advance. Renilde Vanlinthout.

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On 23-08-2018
Mike Brough said:
I have some A40 Somerset literature looking for a an appreciative home. Photos on request. The Motor "Somerset feature edition", Sales brochure, hand book, workshop manual (including commercial vehicle supplement), tax discs and logbook. please contact me.

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On 22-08-2018
Trevor said:

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