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Club Recommended Spares Suppliers:

New & Remanufactured Spares: Longbridge Motor Spares Ltd
Telephone 07495 443549

Used Spares: Potts Parts
Telephone : 01227 265550
Austin Eight Spares: Austins of Old Arley Ltd
Email :
Telephone : 01676 542174

Hermann Egges’ Austin 8 Register website

Dirk Backenköhler’s Austin A40 Sports website

Austin Works – Home of the 1947-52 Austin Cars and Commercials by Rob Stuart

Austin – 50 Years of Progress

Old Era Services  Australian supplier of A40 dashboard knobs and other parts

Austin J40 Pedal Car Club

Austin J40 Pedal Car spares

The Austin Ten Drivers’ Club

Wheels Alive Website run by member Kim Henson, about all aspects of motoring.

Austin Cambridge/Westminster Car Club

The Cambridge/Oxford Owners’ Club

The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust – suppliers of Heritage Certificates (see their ‘Shop’ page).


  1. Kevin mcpherson

    Hi can any one help me I’m looking for some wheels off an austin somerset they are 16inch 4 stud many thanks kev

  2. Uruguay

    Te hinges of the trunk are in the upper of the door…. And please check the front Seats… Any information Will be welcome

  3. Uruguay

    Here are more pics of the car

  4. Uruguay

    Hi. Regards For everyone… I AM from Uruguay and i found a strange A70 Hereford, that has 4 front beams and trunk door opens from back to top. I didnt find any pics like that. Anyone know if is a modified vehicle ? The front light beams are very good installed. They have all the Fender mouldings….

  5. John123

    Hello all new owner a40 somerset
    Looking for interior for a40 somerset also 5 tyres and decent hub caps thanks
    John 07847 464574

  6. Peter Cullen

    Looking for any information on a 1936 Austin 18/6 york
    I would love to talk to someone who has one.
    My email above is incorrect
    New email.
    Much appreciated

  7. Willie jones

    Looking for a 1947 Devon grill

  8. Tony Hughes

    Hello. Probably inappropriate but here goes


    Forgive the intrusion but I have a car for sale and wonder if the
    details can be distributed amongst your members, or a mention in a

    details as follows

    Morris 8 Series E, 1948, 4 speed ,4 doors, original electrics, & 5, as
    new tyres.

    Molly’s engine runs as smoothly as a sewing machine, gear box is good,
    the paintwork is near perfect, brake cylinders renewed.

    Inside leather seats are very good, door cards replaced headliner very
    good, carpets replaced ,semaphore indicators work, all lighting
    works.even has a privacy blind for the rear window

    We are only selling molly because a house move to a smaller property
    means we have lost workshop space.

    We are looking for the sum of £4750 ono if we do not get a sale this
    autumn we will wrap her up until the spring when things may be a bit
    settled.other pictures are available and I am happy to give details over the
    phone. I am in the Sutton Coldfield.West Mids,

    Please advise me if I need to pay, I’m quite happy to recieve a phone call

    Kind Regards

    Tony Hughes

    0121 354 7192

  9. Albert Morgan

    My late father in law owned a Austin A40 Devon registration number NAE 790 and just wondered if it still existed.

  10. Davewhy

    Hi Jeff,
    Do you need a LHD or RHD Steering box. I have a spare RHD one for the Sports.
    Please note that it is NOT the same as an A40 Devon or Somerset.
    David Whyley
    Contact details are in the last magazine

  11. Jeff Adair

    Hi, I have an Austin A40 sports that I rescued from a hot rodder in the US . They did do some modifications and I need to find some parts to put her back original. I am looking for a steering column and shifting linkage and a I would like to find a column shift gear box PLEASE HELP THANKS Jeff

  12. Wouter Boon

    looking for a front and rear bumper from an austin A40 somerset 1953.

  13. Bob Atter

    I have a Bristol 20 Crawler that has what iIbeleave is a Austin engine
    I have been told it is a A70 engine, the only codes on it that I can find are the engine serial number which is 1B255636 also a casting number on the head “Pat No. 65394
    Can anyone help further to ID this engine before I start restoring it
    I have photo,s of the engine if required
    Thanks in advance

  14. Peter


    You didn’t make it clear in your comment what your order was for. It’s confirmed that you are a member, and you will received the next magazine in April – if you ordered spares, you should contact Ray Dawes ( directly – you can phone him on 00 44 (0) 7889 506867 – he should be able to update you.

    Pete Simmonds

  15. Danny Lenaerts

    ik heb 3 weken geleden een mail en een brief gestuurd met een bestelling ik hoor niets van jullie krijg van niemand iets terug.
    Hoewel ik me lid heb gemaakt en heb een membership

  16. Eric Jones

    Can you tell me the best oils and coolant to use in 1946 austin ten gsi 10 hp…?thanks Eric ?..also best place to get a wiring loom ?

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