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    To all you guys who have replaced tyres can you advise what sizes you have opted for,
    My car has five tyres with loads of tread but have all perished with age, I would suggest when I replace them with new ones, due to the low milage the new ones will perish before they wear out.
    As the vehicle does very few miles and nearly exceeds 45mph there seems little point in wasting money on good tyres.
    The size of the 5.25×16 is about 26 inches.
    A 195×65/16 gives a size of about 26 inches but it seems a little wide as the 5.25 are only 120 mm wide.
    Just wandered what you chaps are using

    Kind regards. Paul Thompson


    On my Atlantic I used ‘taxi’ tyres, these are 175/80/16 and are relatively inexpensive. They do make the steering a bit heavier, but the concept of having some roadholding is a welcome relief.


    Thanks for tha advise
    regards. Paul Thompson


    my devon has avon tyres that need replacing but i cant justify spending over £100 per corner so can i use radials and what size please


    I have managed to get some Austone 8 ply 175/75 N 16 at £43 each fitted


    I don’t know about Somersets (I don’t own one – yet) but every car that I’ve changed tyres from crossply to radials has then been far more pleasant to drive as they seem to soak up the bumps, or potholes, better than the stiff sidewall crossplys.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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