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    I recently purchased a Somerset and have discovered that the handbrake did not work. After replacing the handbrake cable and cleaning the operating tappets I have encountered a problem when reassembling the system. It appears that with the balance lever in the handbrake off position the brake cable will not attach to it even with the adjustment at the handbrake lever end fully slackened off. I wonder if any members could supply a possible answer to my problem. The brake linings are not worn to the limit so could it be a problem with the cable from the lever under the dash to the lever under the engine bay


    Hi piston broke

    I have recently overhauled the brakes on my 1954 Somerset to include new cylinders shoes pipes and hoses and master cylinder.
    If memory serves me right there is no adjustment on the right and left cables from the expanders to the handbrake compensator.
    The adjustment is made on the rod at the bottom of the lever which is actuated by the cable from the pistol grip handbrake.
    I am in the uk Birmingham area.
    Feel free to phone me, it may be clearer for me to to see what you have done because my Somerset is fitted with a 1959 Riley 1500 engine so my brakes may not be standard.
    Feel free to ring. 07426887325

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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