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    I am helping a friend by replacing wiring loom [ on order] but am having problems removing the brown bakerlite knobs from dash switches have unscrewed choke one but apart from one other knob the pins will not push in and none will pull off i realise they are seized on the shafts anybody have an idea to remove them without damage, also what about the ign/light switch knob is that also a pull off or unscrew, pin pushes in ok , thanks..


    Hi-doing each separately, warm gently with a hair dryer, then apply a squirt of good old WD40 into the pin hole, and on the shaft behind the barrel.  Do all, then leave them for a while.  Check to see if the pins will then be able to be pressed in. If not, use another small squirt into the pin. If it does depress in, it has to be held in whilst applying outward pressure. Try not to apply any side pressure as such may crack the barrel of the knob.

    Good luck-Peter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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