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    Hi everyone , I need a favour, my Devon pickup is in the body shop at the moment for final panel fit and paint. It’s a 1952 pressed grill model.Whilst I took a few pics before I dismantled the front end with the panel gaps seeming ok, the guys in the body shop are struggling to get a good panel fit.With new bonnet buttons fitted the gap between the bonnet edge and wing are fine on one side, but I can put my finger in the gap on the other side.If anyone has refitted a front end, any advice / tips would be appreciated. But a photo speaks volumes, so any pics of your panel fit between bonnet/wing, bonnet/grill,rear of bonnet/scuttle when closed, gap under the bonnet script and top of wing,grill and bonnet when closed,wing to grill, wing to valance, wing to door,just about everything really.Please send to Thanks to all who reply. Regards. Martin

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