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    Hello again,

    The build continues and I would just like to ask about the fitting of the two manifolds. Not sure if they are the same on an A70 but on this engine the inlet and exhaust manifolds are separate components that are joined together with four bolts.

    Between this coupling is something described as a Hot Spot in my manual. This is a metal plate bolted to a sort of fluted cast iron what’s it and sits directly onto the exhaust manifold sans gasket. This seems counter intuitive. There is a gasket on the inlet side of the Hot Spot however.

    Does this seal ok without a gasket on the exhaust side?

    Previously the Hot Spot was mostly missing. If memory serves I simply used a piece of s/s sheet and sealed the underneath with a bit of exhaust sealant. Not sure if that was the best thing to do but the correct part has now been acquired thanks to a donor vehicle.

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