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    I have finally revived my Somerset following a year of her not being started or moved. I am able to engage reverse, third and fourth gear easily, but first and second are more elusive. The car pulls away on the clutch with no problem, but the pedal feels very light in operation. Is there a problem or will this rectify itself with a little use?


    I would think that if you had clutch problems the gear selecting would produce a lot of crunching , and grinding noises? I think that a light clutch can only be put down to springs on the pressure plate maybe broken. Does it slip under load?

    I finished ( literally yesterday)  a rebuild of my pickups engine clutch and gearbox. Setting up the selection is a bit tricky until you get your head around what’s going on. I found at first that I could only get either  reverse  first and second, or, 1,2,3,4 and no reverse.

    (The adjustment is made with the push-pull cable that passes under the box)

    I’m surprised that you can get reverse 3,4.

    To get from reverse gear  to 3/4, the gear engagement lever has to pass through 1/2 selector fork on  it’s way to 3/4 selector fork.

    So it should be in there somewhere.

    If anyone is interested i will describe all that I found wrong with my gearbox and how I rectified it.



    Hi Mike

    Thank you fit your kind response and for all So start owners I’m sure a description of your gearbox fault and how you rectified it would be invaluable




    That should have said Somerset (predictive typing!!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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