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    hi new to this forum and a40s got a devon van which, when I got it had a blown head gasket and the wrong carb fitted—-had the head regound and replaced the carb for a new zenith vig 8 engine timing has been a bit hit and miss but i got it running BUT engine will only run if i keep my hand on top of the carb i can regulate the revs by opening my fingers if i remove my hand the revs rise and then the engine cuts out thought it might have been the air screw so turned this in and out makes no difference what am i missing help cheers tom


    This obviously is a fuel related problem, is the carb brand new?
    Either way I would suggest that you need to check the jets are clear.
    The carb will need to be removed and the jets removed and blown through.
    You should also blow through the cavitys and channels within the carb befor refitting the jets. Ther should be four jets to clean
    When yo have it running does it accelerate as you open the throttle?
    If you feel you are not confident to strip and reassemble and it is new it might be worth contacting who you obtained it from.
    Hope this is of some use but it I I bit difficult being here in Birmingham.
    Kind Regards

    Paul Thompson

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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