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    Hi from Aussie,
    It has been suggested to me that the 3.55 ration Westminster differential crown and pinion assembly can be fitted to an A90 Atlantic banjo case. However-if being an Hypoid?? unit, even if the dimensions are the same, it would be interesting to follow it through to see if such could be fitted. Axle splines don’t worry me, as modern welding can be used to attach new machine splines. Is there anyone who has any of the Westminster models fitted with a 3.55 possibly advise the measurements of the differential carrier, such as:-
    1) The length from the carrier front machined face to the banjo mounting face.
    2) The length from the banjo mounting face to the centre of the axle bearing caps.
    3) The diameter of the carrier spigot, and the number of mounting holes.
    4) If the axle bearing is in the centre-line of the mounting diameter

    Look forward to receiving any info.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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