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    Hi all, Im having another go at finishing my Devon pickup resto after many stop/starts and quite a few years. Im trying to put the door internals back in and carnt for the life of me remember the sequence of how I took them apart. The manual is a bit vague on assembly. Ive had a couple of goes, but no success.

    I`ve slid the glass in from the top, fed it in from the bottom of the door, fitted the longer channel first, then lock and winder mech….no joy…..and all the time trying not to scratch the new paint job, in a narrow, cramped garage.

    Can anyone advise me of the sequence of re-assembly please before I go mad. !!

    Kind regards Martin.


    Ive recently done this on my pickup after its respray. Yes, its a right pain!

    I had several attempts as you describe. In the end I slid  all the bits in from the top. Then I think I fitted the door catch loosely, Then I fit the screws in the long right angle channel, leaving out the one at the very bottom. Then I think I slid the long straight channel down at the front. You have to push the quarter light into the long channel at this stage and force it down without scratching the paint. Finally do up the T headed screws that secure the lower ends of the 2 channels.

    I also took the felts out of my channels so that I could re paint them before fitting. This made it even harder because when i refitted them, they had fluffed up a bit so the glass was now very stiff in the channels. A very awkward job.

    Also, I stupidly waxoyled the inside of the doors before I did all this which meant I got covered in the stuff whilst trying to work out how to put it together.


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