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    Hello everyone. My 16 has lost all electrical energy, although the battery is in good shape,

    My engine is original, and still has a 12v dynamo.

    I cannot find any blown fuses, and there is no evidence of overheated wires.

    Could it be a lost earth connection? Any ideas anyone?



    Can it be presumed that the car will not start?  Do all the light work.  With the voltage,  as a start, what is the battery voltage with the engine switched off, and then running.



    Hi Peter,

    The whole car was completely dead, electrically.

    I had 13V at the battery and solenoid but while I was checking those I found another supplementary fuse box had been fitted, a bit tucked away, and sure enough there was a blown fuse. It was a 15A. The cable in and out are at least 2.5mm2, so I will be up rating the fuse to 20A.

    Looking back on it, I had all the electrical components ‘on’ indicators, semaphore trafficators, fan and when I braked, the  brake lights proved to be  the last straw, and that blew the fuse.

    I have learned more about my old car, obviously the supp. fuse box is not original.

    Thank you for your interest, and for your help.

    Kind regards, Ken


    I’d proceed with some caution when uprating the fuse – if the old one had blown, then there was presumably some sudden increase in current that caused it. If that current flows through a wire with a rating of less than 20A then it, instead of the fuse, will burn assuming the original short is still a problem.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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