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    i have replaced the internal red robber valve and the two one way valves, and  i checked it off the engine it  appears to suck air well but the output does not appear strong, when I fitted it there appears to be an airlock in the fuel line from the fuel tank, and no petrol comes out the AC line? what am I doing wrong?


    When I fitted a new pump, I found I had to “prime” it to get the fuel to start to flow. I did this by undoing the line where it enters the pump from the tank, and then blowing into the tank. You need to block the breather for this to work. I you dont have enough “puff” an air line would work if used carefully, with a rag to block the rest of the filler neck. You only need a little pressure to start it to flow, then reconnect and use the hand prime lever.


    When you reassemble the pump you need to ensure that the diaphragm is under pressure from the spring as you fit it into place. If it’s not under pressure, the pump will suck but not blow.

    It sounds like you may have not got the diaphragm under pressure in this case.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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