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Hi-My Atlantic gauge suffered from this, and I found that the single wiper arm of the sender resistance had developed a poor contact. This required its removal, and I was able to carefully adjust it to provide a firmer contact when sliding along the resistor. I was effective initially, but over time, on the “full” end reading, has again started to flicker, though not like previously.  Once down to around 3/4 full, settles to read normally.   Also, sometimes, providing a separate earth from one of the studs to the body can also assist, due to a buildup of an insulating layer within the ploat pin to body contact. I have read that some BN1 Healey owners have overcome a flicking needle by adding an earth to the float arm to the internal outer body within the tank, by soldering a flexible lead to the float arm, and securing it to the boby by a self tapper. Hope this assists in some way.