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Hello all, Unable to locate a puller, I was forced to knock the pin downwards and out.

It was a slow process but went quite well.  Studying the bushes, I could see they were quite worn and had in fact been put in wrong, as the grease hole in the bushes didn’t align with the grease nipples. Being unable to get lube in the correct place was the cause of that swivel pin being worn out. Leaving the bushes in was no longer an option and it wasn’t too difficult to get them out with the correct drifts.

Getting the new bushes in was straightforward enough, but I had to drill holes to align with the ho;e on the axle. It is important that if anyone has to do that, the holes must dissect the small spiral grease channel that is on the inside of the bush cylinder.

No garage or workshop near me has a reamer so I bought an adjustable one that was the size range I needed. Time-consuming job but when the pins slide in, very rewarding.

So I am now at the rebuild stage and am putting my brake shoes back on. When I dismantled them at the start, a small keyway-type piece fell to the floor and I just can’t work out where it should go. It is a small trapezium-shaped piece of metal, about the thickness of the brake shoe web, It is about 22mm long and 10mm deep. there are two cut-out corners on one long side and it is not shown on my exploded drawing of a front wheel brake,

Can anyone help me with identifying this piece and where it should be fitted?

Thank you