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When I fitted electronic ignition to my 54 pick up a couple of years ago I made a protractor from aluminium (don’t need a full circle just a segment) and fitted it to the starting handle for the reason you state. I stuck a bit of masking tape to the front bumper and made a mark with a biro. This enabled me to find tdc and the before tdc position.  I fitted a timing light on one of the terminals to the ignition coil. I can’t remember now exactly how you wire it but I just Googled it and it was very simple. I can’t remember the before tdc I set it to. Maybe 5 or 7 degrees (whatever it said in the book). Ive done about 9000 miles since then and haven’t looked at it since then. I get around 32-34 mpg so I don’t think  it can’t be far off. I think more experienced people set it by sound and feel without any of the above but I’m not that clever.