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If your 16 is the 4 cylinder engine used in the A70 models, it should be locked in position via a clamping plate. This plate is secured to the block by a single 1/4 BSF hex set screw, and this plate locates on a the underneath side of the main body that is perhaps 1-1/8 inch diameter.  The the plate is split on the outer side, and each side of the split has a furled over piece through wich a 1/4 inch BSF screw passes. The head of the screw is usually drawn against a flat on the furled section sothat when the nut is tightened the screw cannot turn, locking the distributer within the plate.

I would presume that the distributor is one like the early A70’s had where the vacuum advance is attached externally away from the main body, with the rod that is connecting the advance mechanism within the distributor being visible.  If you are still able to drive the car, could be that the plate securing screw is loose. Perhaps take a photo and post it.  Hope this assists you.  Regards-Peter