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Hi Peter,

Many thanks for your message.

Apart from the stub axle, I have replaced the king pins as a complete kit that was supplied by Ray. I have replaced all of the bushes, the front springs, track rod ends and ball joints, wheel bearings, cylinders, brake shoes and loads of other worn parts on the front end, so I will not be replacing or trying anything else at the wheel end. The only things that I haven’t replaced are the steering box, idler and the tube that runs down the inside of the steering column. I’ve spent a fortune on this car and probably haven’t had more than 500 miles of enjoyment from it in the four years I have had it. It has had broken rear springs, gear change cable failure, fuel pump failure and carburettor replaced (several times) as well as having things stolen from it while in storage, including a brand new/old stock water pump!. It still has running issues so I feel that I have finished spending on the steering now. Next year, if my health hasn’t finished me off, I may remove the head and attack the bad running problems that it has had since I purchased it.

Many thanks for your tips and help.

Warmest regards and best wishes.