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All Good Robin– It is good to have someone to ask assistance of.  Having spent 60 years in the electro-mechanical industry, which at times involved large turbines that operated at really high speeds, there were many instances when one did not have a manual to refer to, and such then relied on own teachings/learnings to resolve problems. Lubricants have been part of that experience, so knowing what can be used as an alternative, still giving what is needed is imortant. Not quite sure what you mean that there is no apparent leak with your idler seal, but yet, after topping it up, it is empty after a very short run.

You mention heavy steering.  My ’48 Atlantic is very light, much moore than my ’51 coupe. Why, I don’t know, but when rebuilding my convertible, as there were no problems with its steering box, it still has its 1948 oil, and I can turn it with one finger.  At 855000 miles, it still has all of its original king pins, and idler, though it has grease in it.

Have you seen the upper bearing kit made initially for the BN1 healey 100-4 cars, for it is an excellant product, making the steering extremely light.  I think this kit would also fit the Somerset, though you would need to check on this.  If it does fit the Somerset,  I am suure it could be installed reasonably easy. Could be worth investigating.

All the best-Peter