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Honestly, I’m not sure. The guy who had the car before he swapped for a Mercedes Benz said he didn’t know much besides that the car came from an auction of a big car collection in Joliet, IL (old title says Ronald Giampolo, in case anyone knows who he was).

I guess the next question is whether the mechanical throttle linkages were the same between the regular A40 sedans (Devon/Somerset) and the A40 Sports. If not, it begs the question as to why they would change the intake/exhaust manifold, carbs, and the linkage if just swapping out engines. From what little is out there, I didn’t see anything about the A40 sports head being ported in a different fashion (plus that might cost money, and I highly doubt Sir Leonard Lord would stand for that).

UNLESS…this is an example of the wheeling and dealing done at dealerships statesides swapping out drive trains to meet a local customer’s desire. Or the good penny pinchers at Longbridge figured Yanks wouldn’t know any better or it was near the end of the production life (the car is a 1953 model) and all that was lying around were A40 Devon/Somerset drive trains.

I’d have to get a British Motor Heritage cert to verify my suspicions.

As for finding spares, if I keep the car, it’s near the back of the queue of projects, meaning doing a little here, a little there while stockpiling whatever spares I can find, if at all. So not in a rush at this point.