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Hi there Dave,

Some time ago,  a Healey owner mentioned that the reason for the plate attached to the upper  cam gear is to ensure that there is an adequate supply of oil is fed onto the chain.  Over the past 55 years, having worked on numerous engines, including three Atlantic and two A70 rebuilds in the past 1o years, I have never come across an engine where there was no plate attached to the upper timing cog.

Whether or not this is the reason the original designers put it there in the first place, I can’t say, but there must have been a reason, and I would not fit the cog without it attached.  My current coupe has travelled 300.000 miles,  with only the chain and tensioner changed during rebuilding it last year.  On my previous convertible, undertaking me 475,000 miles over 20 years of everyday driving, not quite sure of the mileage, but perhaps just over half of them, a new chain, tensioner, bearing shells and a set of new pistons,  fitted whilst the engine was still in the car.  On both that car, and my coupe, both still have the original crank and cam cogs.  Now,  20 years on since parting with the convertible, although now used as a club car, the engine still runs extremely well.

Has the supplier of the chaps replacement parts given any reason as to why the plate has been deleted. It would be interesting to hear such.