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Whilst it would be possible to overtighten the cap bolts,  the engines that have split pins to secure the caps don’t have torque values as the parts are machined to tollerances that take the thicknesses of the shells.  Once the mating surfaces are seated, the only requirements is to tighten to ensure that the nut aligns to the nearest split pin slot.  Once the faces are secured, the “fixed” diameter for the bearing shells remains constant.

Not sure when it was instigated, but later A70 were fitted with nyloc type nuts, as were many BN-1 Healeys,  although my BN-1 still had split pins on all of the caps. My Healey manual still references the caps fitted with split pins.  I have undertaken a number of the 2.2 and 2.6 engines over the last 55 years, and never had any hassles with the shell caps.  Always though,  be sure to use new good quality split.

Happy days-Peter.