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Hi Dave,

Many thanks for your message.

I already had those thoughts about a wheel cylinder honing tool. I have got one and when I looked at it, I wasn’t confident that it would have been 100% successful. Cleaning it wouldn’t be an issue as I have a large ultrasonic parts cleaning tank.

Ray told me that he had a set of reamers that I could hire but they didn’t arrive with the kit and I was never able to speak to Ray again to find out what happened to them.

I have never seen a set of Austin reamers on ebay, but my local engineering works have got two sets of 18G 64/65 that they purchased at Newark auto jumble in 2019 that they purchased very cheaply, along with several tools for the A30/A35 and the ADO16 models. My car is the first one they have used them on. I will tell them how much they sell for and maybe they can earn some money by selling one set on ebay.

This small company does a lot of work on Austin A30/A35,  A55/A60 and Morris 1000 and Oxford Farina models and do a lot of king pins on many different makes and models.. I took the parts and one hub to them and they have reamed one side for me and charged me £20.00, which I was more than happy with. They even had a genuine BMC spring removal tool which they loaned to me. I am hoping to refit the suspension in the next few days so I can turn the car round and do the other side so I can have my lift back and finish my wife’s Nissan.

The biggest problem for the guys doing my reaming for me was removing all the rust off the genuine new/old stock king pin set that I purchased from Ray just before he sadly passed away. They were quite a mess really. There were cork washers, cutter pins and grease nipples missing from the kit but thankfully, these guys had some in stock. Obviously I had nobody at the club to contact at the time when the missing parts were discovered. It doesn’t really matter now.

If a parts service resumes in the New Year. That will be good news for the members. I have an engine issue with my car but there is no point stripping it down at the moment in case I end up with an ornament again.

Thanks again for your help.

Kindest regards