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Try this to get the length.

How wide is the belt that you emoved?

If the inside width of the water pump pulley at the top is 1/2 inch, it should be a A belt.   If 5/8″, could be called a B series.  One chap here said it should be an A, and another thought perhaps a B33.

To check the length,  slacken the generator to the closed position, then if you have  some thin, but strong cardboard,  cut a piece around 1 inch wide,  with the help of another pair of hands, please the strio on the top of the water pump pulley, then around the  generator, then down and around the crank and back to the top, and mark the length. Then measure the length.

If it is an A belt, subtract 2 inches, and that shoud be the length. If it is 5/8, I think you need to subtrack 3 inches.

Talk to your friendly local parts shop, and ask if you can return the belt if it is damaged should the length not be correct.

Happy Austineering-Peter