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Hi–if reamers cannot be obtained,  to reach the desired bush diameter, a small brake cylinder honer can be used in the same manner a main piston bore is linished.  When the new bushes are pressed in, they will be parallel, and with carefull use of the honing tool, and some fine paste,   the soft bush material is easily be able to be removed.  Do the top first, and I would suggest initially to a tight, but turnable fit with oil.  Then, after undertaking the bottom bush, with the top bush allowing the swivel shaft to be entered into the assembly,  the bottom shaft section can then also be gradually fitted into its bush, again with a tight, turnable fit with oil.  Knowing that the top bush was deliberately  tight, once the bottom bush is first able to accept its section of the shaft,  with the swivel pin removed, the top bush can then be given a final “clean” to ensure it clearance is free and correct, then with this done, the swivel pin can then be again re-inserted from the base to check its clearance and be adjusted accordingly.  A good cleaning at the end is necessary to ensure all grinding paste is removed.  Done with care, it does work.

Hope I have explained this adequately enough.

All the best-Peter.