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Hi again Dave,

Just to let you know that I dropped the bowl from the carb, popped in a tin, filled it with fuel and left it. After four hours, the base of the tin was barely moist. However, the outside of the bowl was very wet all round, suggesting to me that the bowl is either porous or has a fine hairline crack. The area around the emulsion block was dry. I decided to try the other three bowls that I have. One has a tiny hole in the bottom, one has a small crack around the emulsion block and the other seems to be fuel tight. I need to put this bowl in my ultrasonic tank and change the jets, non return valve, slow running jet and ball valve for the correct parts. This bowl is jetted for a Vauxhall Wyvern which also uses a Zenith 30-VIG carb. I am hoping after three years, it may FINALLY cure this fault. Just the new king pins to fit, a decoke to perform and an MOT to obtain!

Thanks for your help advice and patience with my fuel issues.

Warmest regards.