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Hi Peter.

Many thanks for your message.

The ball valve is a little screws into the bowl beside the slow running jet. When it is removed, you can hear it moving if you shake it, so it is still in place.

I have had this problem and other bad running problems with my Somerset since we bought it in July 2018 and I am just about at the end of my tether with it. I have tried different carbs, different fuel pumps, renewed the fuel lines and swapped the fill her cap but have never been able to cure the problem.

A chap who I met at a show has a Somerset as a daily driver. He told me that he purchased a brand new Zenith carb for his car and it STILL ran badly. He cured his bad running by fitting an SU carburettor and electric fuel pump. I am seriously considering going down this route as I have tried just about everything else. Thankfully my car has got a good battery which considering how long it winds over before it starts, is a good thing! Failing that, I will open up the bonnet every day and prime the pump to fill the bowl. When I remove the head over the winter, I will strip the carb down and put it in my ultrasonic tank. (I have a fluid in the tank that I use when I overhaul clock movements). Then I will completely rebuild it myself instead of sending it to an expert again.

Thanks very much for getting in touch.

Kindest regards.