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Hi again Dave.

I have tried everything that you have suggested. I replaced the emulsion block with one that has a super smooth surface and fitted a new gasket yesterday (Thursday) morning. Prior to starting the car this afternoon, I took the top and filter off the fuel pump and there was fuel in the bowl. I pulled the starter and it took 9 seconds for the fuel to fill the carb and the engine to start. I think that I will have  to search for a new/old stock carburettor over the winter as despite having this carb professionally overhauled, it is clearly not performing as it should do.

On the advice of Graham, I am taking the head off over winter in an attempt to cure long term poor running and to stop the number three plug from sooting up.  I still have the torque down instructions that you gave to me over three years ago when I spoke to you regarding poor running. Over this winter, I am HOPING to make this car run as it should do for the first time in my ownership!

Thanks for all your help.

Kindest regards