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If there are water drops escaping from under the head washer/nut, it is virtually guaranteed that the space around the stud will be filled with water,and it is best that it is rectified.

If you are able to confirmt hat there is not leakage into the cylinder bore, there should not be any reason to remove the head, though there would need to be space atop the offending stud to fit a locknut to enable the stud to be removed,  and in my humble opinion it would be best to remove the stud, and seal the thread with teflon tape as well using a suitable liquid sealant.

Have the engine cold, drain the ccolant, remove only the offending stud, using a locknut, clean out the stud chamber, apply teflon tape and liquid sealant, re-install the stud, then torque to the the nut to the required setting, then left stand for at least 48 hours before refilling with coolant. Start the engine andbring tooperating temperature.

Check with others for views on my suggestion,  though it is my view that the risk of removing just one stud is very minimal to cause any furthe problem.