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Well actually I’ve never anealed a car gasket myself!

But I have any done a few classic motorcycle head gaskets over the years. Which are a bit smaller. And I’ve built a few live steam copper boilers for miniature locomotives which involves a lot at anealing.

So assuming you have a propane torch, I would hang the gasket on a wire hook. Maybe 2 books because the blast from the torch might  make it swing about a bit (coat hanger wire would be ideal). Start heating an area to red heat and work your way round until it’s all been heated to red. You don’t have to get it all red all at the same time, as long as it all gets to red eventually.  Then dunk it into a container of cold water.

I think the gasket could be a cause of water in the oil. also examine the joint faces carefully for cracks.

BTW, I rebuilt my A40 engine last year (I used a NOS asbestos gasket ). Before you refit the head. Get a bit of stuff wife and probe down the holes in the block into the water gallery. It should go down around 100mm all along and all the way round all 4 cylinders. My block was horribly choked up. Almost solid at the rear . It took me ages to clear it out. I had my head and block skimmed. If your waterways gallery is blocked your engine will run not and your gasket won’t like that.


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