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I don’t have a Somerset, so I can’t recommend a specific spot to put the pump, but things to consider are these.

Firstly, I assume you are fitting this at a point in the fuel line before it reaches the existing mechanical pump, and having your new electric pump pushing the fuel through the existing pump and onward to the carburettor.

If so, then the only things to consider are a) to mount it securely where it is protected to a great extent from any road spray or dirt, b) to make sure it is not near a heat source (i.e. away from the exhaust), c) that any added or re-routed fuel lines are not going to chafe against anything and are securely fitted and not leaking, and d) ensure that the pump is matched to the polarity of your car, which for most of us is +ve earth.

I’ve had an electric pump fitted to my 16 and it’s certainly made a difference.