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You’ll need a set of Whitworth spanners and sockets – readily available online and from the sort of tool suppliers one sees at events such as large classic car shows. The club supplies a reasonable range of parts – most standard service items are available -some on an exchange basis. You can see the club’s spares catalogue  here:

Oils, fluids etc are readily available – I’d recommend Morris oils – they do a wide range of classic oils at reasonable prices – other manufacturers are, of course, available.

I don’t think anyone ever scanned an A40 Devon manual into pdf – I do recall a member scanning the A40 Somerset one some years ago. Devon ones are often to be found on eBay for reasonable prices – or even advertised on the ‘Sales & Wanted’ page here. It might also be worth checking with the club’s Spares Secretary – occasionally people give second hand copes to the club.

Hope this helps…