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Hi Peter.

Many thanks for your message.

I suspect that the speedo issue is within the gearbox itself, having replaced everything else with new cables (x2) and drives (x2) and a new/old stock speedo head. Both heads work via a piece of old speedo cable and a drill, so I very much doubt it could be anything else.

The gearchange was always ‘fiddly” to select 1st gear but not as bad as it is now. It is fine once mobile. It’s just getting into either 1st or 2nd to pull away that is an issue. I don’t know if this will throw any light on the issue but I had reason to move the car today. When I pushed the gear lever forwards, I eased it back just a fraction and 1st gear selected easily.

The other issue I have is since starting the car up after it’s “rest” the gearbox now drips from the selector lever. Is it possible to change the oil seal without removing the gearbox, please? If so, I will order the parts from Ray. I suspect that I will need to change the gearbox at some point as it crunches when changing down from 4th to 3rd and vice versa. Changing down to 2nd is not usually an issue. On the move, 2nd can be selected easily from 1st or 3rd. Reverse is never a problem.

Any thoughts you (or anyone) has would be VERY much appreciated.

Warmest regards and stay safe.