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Hi Robin–Mike has covered the checking of the speedo very well-nothing more to add on that. With the gear change, if when laying up the car the gear change was OK, it still should be OK.   Is the selection problem one when standing, or when actually moving. Having first had had A70, and then A90 Atlantics, with the latter for 50 years, the gear selection adjustment can be a fair bugger.  Sometimes, a mere adjustment of the outer cable thread section down under the box, either in or out 1/4mm can make a difference.  In my coupe, travelling 300,00 miles, and 475,000 I have found that over time, the inner cable can stretch,  and as such, on some occasions, the tightening has solved the problem.  Other times has resulted in the cable needing to be removed, cleaning of it and the outer case, then re-installing and starting all over again.

With your cable, are you able to spray some good old WD40 down the tube to give it a bit of lubrication

Here, a colleague with A90’s believes he has found a common problem with the C lever in the box, in that there is a spring loaded “divot” that locates into a neutral position on the lever, which in some instances, does not locate at all.  He has modified his current box, and has tested it with the rear wheels off the ground, but has yet to do the same on the road.

Just remember, if adjusting the thread, measure the existing distance from the inside of the bracket, or the outside,  to a set point, so that you can revert back to the original setting should you want to.  Also, make only minute changes at a time

Good Luck-Peter.