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I would think that if you had clutch problems the gear selecting would produce a lot of crunching , and grinding noises? I think that a light clutch can only be put down to springs on the pressure plate maybe broken. Does it slip under load?

I finished ( literally yesterday)  a rebuild of my pickups engine clutch and gearbox. Setting up the selection is a bit tricky until you get your head around what’s going on. I found at first that I could only get either  reverse  first and second, or, 1,2,3,4 and no reverse.

(The adjustment is made with the push-pull cable that passes under the box)

I’m surprised that you can get reverse 3,4.

To get from reverse gear  to 3/4, the gear engagement lever has to pass through 1/2 selector fork on  it’s way to 3/4 selector fork.

So it should be in there somewhere.

If anyone is interested i will describe all that I found wrong with my gearbox and how I rectified it.