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Hi–PeteJS is correct,  using just the original reservoir and 2 persons.  Firstly though, are you using the correct type of fluid, such as a Dot 3 for original type seals and rubbers. The brand should not matter, as long as it is not a modern one that can affect seals.  Fill it to just under the shoulder, and presuming the reservoir is on the drivers side, start at the rear left, then rear right, front left and finally front right.

Connect a short length of clear hose tightly of the bleeder, into a clear bottle with about an inch of fluid with the hose immersed to the bottom. Then using several slow pumps of the pedal, even if it goes to the floor, hold it down, then release the bleeder and observe the result in the bottle-bubbles may not initially be evident, then nip the bleeder tight. Repeat at least two more times, even if bubbles are not seen.

Then in turn, shift to the right rear, left front and finally the right front. Keep an eye on the fluid level in the bottle. By the time all 4 are done, progress should have been made.

Perhaps a second round might be needed, which if after that, should the pedal still go to the floor, something would seem to be amiss. As the supply is from the master cylinder, it might simply need a new kit, or an overhaul.  If that has to be done, ask your brake repairer about getting it lined with a  stainless sleeve.

Be sure not to mix modern fluids in systems with the older fluids.

Happy Austineering-Peter.