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Hello Paul,

Have you done all the usual basic ignition tests – e.g. take off a plug lead and (holding it with a thick cloth or insulating gloves!) hold it near the block whilst turning the engine to see if you are getting a spark?

As far as the car being negative earth is concerned, it may have been converted from positive to negative earth – though most aren’t. Given that you’ve connected it the negative way around, and assuming that the ammeter had been reversed to accommodate a previous change, then you should see the voltage drop when you turn the ignition on. If it has not been converted (and therefore the ammeter not reversed) you would see the voltage go up (from a mid-point of zero) when you tun the ignition on.

Does the car have a modern radio? This is sometimes a telltale that a car has been converted from +ve to -ve earth.

Other than that, if you’re sure that the carburettor bowl has petrol (and that it is fresh fuel – it does degrade over time), and that you have a decent spark, then the only other possible issue is ignition timing.