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Hi-anyone interested in an A70 33/8 diff can contact me— for I have several. The crown and pinions seem to be are OK, but each would need to be stripped down, checked and reset. Perhaps new bearings would also be needed. I have serviced my own A90 coupe diff, and also a spare, all from a batch that I purchased a fe years ago. I am also told that the crown and pinions can be stripped out of the A70/90 case and inserted “straight” into the A40 one. Whilst this might be possible, I don’t know if this is correct or not, never having the need to try.

As I am in Aussie, if this is possible, it might be feasible to strip them out and send them as parts because of freight costs. If anyone can verify this, I would be happy enough to do one as a trial, with cost of the crown and pinion at AUD$200 plus shipping cost via Australian Pack and Send, whom I have used previously with excellent results to ship A90 parts to the UK. The cost of shipping a complete diff would expensive due to the weight.

Happy enough to discuss with anyone interested—-Cheers-Peter