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Keith D

Hi chipples,

My 1950 A40 tourer is fitted with telescopic shock absorbers and the improvement to roadholding is incredible.

The unit fits behind the front spring and between the bottom wishbone and an arrangement fitted on top of the existing shock absorber.

My conversion was supplied by Repco, an Australian motor parts manufacturer, back in the nineteen fifties. It uses the existing shock absorber/upper wishbone so the suspension geometry is completely unaltered. My existing shock absorber was modified by having the pistons removed and refilled with engine oil as a general lubricant. The bracket and top fitting would be easy to fabricate using two short lengths of water pipe and a short length of angle iron, plus two turned shafts to hold the telescopic shock absorber.

If you are interested in doing this and want to give me an email address, then I can photograph my set-up and give you some dimensions. Allow me a couple of days to crawl under my car!

Regards – Keith D