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Hi-There is a probability the the Healey 100-4 telescopic kit may suit the Somerset, though it still requires a shock for the arms out to the top trunnion. It would to be thoroughly examined. The shock would still need to be filled with oil so as to lubricate the main rear “swivel” pin, & the valve is omitted to negate any dampening.

With the kit, there is a plate onto which the tower is included for the top telescopic mounting, and this automatically invokes a negative camber. Some don’t like this, and then have to address this. Personally, I think its a good thing, and my prototype A90 Atlantic convertible was fitted with one of these kits back in the mid 50’s when the Armstrongs failed. I have since rebuilt the Armstrongs, but I have also re-fitted the telescopic mounting plate to retain the negative camber, for it makes the handling so much better.

Years ago, there were kits that contained the arms coupled with a rear “swivel” pins, but these days, they are even rarer than hens teeth. These were manufactured so o as to retain the original positive camber angle.

I am currently rebuilding my ’52 A90 Atlantic coupe, and have, for the moment at least, have again fitted Armstrongs, though not yet with the plate beneath them that would create the negative camber. This might be undertaken though before I put it back on the road.

Not sure of what the cost of getting front shocks rebuilt is in your part of the world, but here, they can be around AUD$400 a pair. I am fortunate enough to be able to rebuild my own. There are two companies in the US who I know have supplied shocks to people here, but the problem is in having to ship over ones old bodies, as from here, that is costly, so they paid the extra for not doing so, which I think was still cheaper than paying the freight of ones own back to the States.

There was a chap in the UK recently advertising fully reconditioned shocks for Austins, and his price seemed to be quite reasonable.

Hope this assists in some small way.