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Hi Malcolm,

Speaking with a fellow owner this morning, he suggested that you could follow this means to change your leaking seal, which he used a few years ago,and since has driven around 20,000 miles:-

1—Jack up the car and chock the wheels.
2—Remove the rear diff connection bolts and drop off the tail shaft.
3—Mark with precision a small grind spot on the front of the nut and matching points on the shaft and front face of the hub. A centre punch point could be used, may on the hardened shaft, it may nit indent adequately enough to see.
4—Carefully undo the nut counting the turns to do so.
5—Before removing the hub, ensure the matching marks are still visible. perhaps hi-lite them with a white permanent marker.
6—Remove the seal plate carrier and replace the seal.
7—Lightly oil the hub seal area and refit the seal plate and screws. Do not tighten.
8—Refit the hub with the alignment marks, and wiggle the seal so that it centrally aligned on the hub as best possible.
9—Tighten the seal plate screws.
10–Refit the lock tab washer and nut, screw in the exact number of turns tighten to match the marked points.
11–Fold over the locking washer flat onto the nut.

All the best-Peter