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Malcolm–The 6~8 inch lbs is applicable to a differential that has already be set up. Also, this is the figure that does not include the resistance of the seal. In the video of the Ford diff, the chap uses a bar across two of the flange nuts, which when replacing a seal in-situe, does not need to be done. In the video, the pinion is fitted without the crown ass’y. When you are replacing the seal, the pinion teeth will be seated against the crown teeth, holding it against turning, with the handbrake on.

As I originally mentioned, I used a figure slightly above the 6~8 inch lbs so as to include for the resistance of the new seal.

Obviously, with all parts thoroughly clean, smear some grease on the threads, as well behind the nut to ensure that the least resistance is offered.

It would be good if you could talk to a company that does such repairs, and ask them if they would be able to comment on how to undertake a seal change, without the need to remove the whole assembly. I would not be at all offended if some one was to say “he is talking rubbish”, as this is the way I have done them over many years.

All the best-Peter