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Hi Malcolm,

Sorry if I have confused you, but with my A90 coupe differential, it is the same as the Healey 100-4, and also an A70, with the preload of the two interposing roller bearings not exceeding 6~8 inch lbs. This is the setting I have used in past years, without any hassles thus far. This is achieved by tightening the nut with a 5 lb weight on a string, suspended on a 2 inch radius on the shaft, which, with this weight, is just sufficient to allow the the shaft to turn.

Were you able to check the loosening tension as I previously mentioned, for this should give an indication, although its not an exact reading. If not yet done, clean around the area of the shaft where the nut is, then pry back the folded tab/s from the face of the nut. Spray with an appropriate “nut release” agent and allow time for it to act.

Then, use a, INCH LB tension wrench, and starting from perhaps 2 inch lbs, see if this moves the nut. Increase the setting until you get a figure that actually starts the nut to turn.

Once, when several thousand miles from home, I replaced the seal in a friends garage, without any means of checking tensions, and I only had to hand pressure to release, and tighten the nut.

Please though, I would suggest you discuss this with others. Where are, in the UK, as I might be able pass on a name.