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Hi Malcolm,
Trust the threads will clean out OK. If you have a spare old nut, once you have addressed the threads with the file as best as possible, If it is still hard to get a good nut to screw on without excessive force, with the bearing housing removed, one approach to ease the problem could be to place the spare nut in a vice holding it on the inner and outer sides, then cut a slot on one of the flats. keeping it in the vice to ensure the nut does not warp, gently open it up using a narrow drift, sufficiently enough so that it can be screwed loosely over the axle housing thread.

Ensuring that the cut across the nut threads is clean, apply some grease on the housing thread, and place it at the rear of the axle housing thread, and using a clamp, close the nut so that is a snug, but not too tight a fit onto the axle threads, then screw the nut off. This acts as a chaser, starting from good thread.

This has been effective on a number of occasions when working in the field, and not having access to appropriate thread dies and die nuts.

When you are ready to fit the nut, I would suggest to use some good quality thread cleaning agent, and thread lock compound. When folding the lock washer onto he flat of the nut, see if you have a “heeled” bar, that can be sharpened to get behind the washer to start the bend, the a appropriate drift to seat them home.

Were you able to get a proper socket, or nut spanner. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to use a chisel to tighten them.

“Austineering” is good fun.